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Grain docs turn your team's:

Phone screens into relationships
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Support calls into product insights
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QBR prezi into evidence of ROI
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Closing calls into sales training
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Consulting calls into custom assets
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Live lectures into a learning library
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Automatically record and transcribe important conversations. Your notes during the call are matched with the relevant moment in the recording and transcription so you can easily play back details later.

Stop attending meetings "just in case". Subscribe to a conversation to catch just the highlights or rewatch the whole conversation. Track meeting outcomes right in Grain & easily follow up the next time you meet.

Don't let another critical conversation disappear. Search previous notes, recordings, transcripts, tasks & comments. Create dynamic playlists to ensure new members of the team have the information they need.

Great teams trust Grain

Grain docs sync a video call's audio, video, transcript, and notes with your favorite tools

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Why executives (and their teams) love Grain

Tired of meeting Chaos? Suffering from Tool Fatigue? Grain includes everything you need for the best conversations in one place (and they actually work together!)

Visibility to support what matters when it matters
Data privacy and security is a 1st degree priority.
Holistic view of cross team efficiency and analytics
Happier teams spend less time in meetings
Keep your tool suite. Syncs with your CRM, ATS, or LMS.
Reduce the #1 source of wasted time

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